A novel mode of action:
PNX3 targets Pannexin 1 Channel
to treat chronic pain

PNX3 blocks pannexin 1

By using computational modeling, we’ve demonstrated, at atomic resolution, that PNX3 docks to Pannexin 1 channel and blocks it.

PNX3 generates pain relieve

A single oral dose of PNX3 generates a significant decrease in pain sensation in animal models of musculoskeletal and neuropathic chronic pain.

PNX3 decreases ATP release

ATP inside the cell produces energy, but out side produces chronic pain. Pannexin releases ATP and PNX3 avoids to do it in brain cells.

Advisory Board

We have experienced advisors, ready to support us, guide us in a better decision making process and connect us with new partners and investors.

Constanza Sigala, MSc

CEO of Algenis SpA, Biochemist and MSc at University of Cambridge

12 years of experience in pharmaceutical companies management. 

Dr. Wendy Gonzalez, PhD

Director of the Center of Bioinformatics – Universidad de Talca.

Vast experience in computational modeling, predictive models and insilico drug discovery. 

Dr. Luis Constandil, PhD

Full professor at University of Santiago

Director of the best laboratory of neurobiology of pain in Chile, 25 years of research on chronic pain.

Diego Belmar, MSc

Portfolio Manager at GaneshaLab

12 years of experience in innovation, project management and entrepreneurship. 

About Us

Pannex Therapeutics is a scientific-based Pharma Startup dedicated to create new drugs to treat musculoskeletal chronic pain, a disease that affects 800 million people worldwide. 

From the computer to the Lab:

We use computational modeling to design new small molecules and predictive models to select the best candidates to be synthesized.

Together, we are better!

We use collaboration with people and institutions and outsourcing as our main strategies of development. 

Dr. David Bravo, Phd

Founder and CEO of the company, he discovered pannexin and pain relationship in 2014. Former Assistant Professor at the USACH, Chile. Awarded with the national prize of innovation, 2015. More than 10 years of experience in Drug Discovery, Innovation and Technological Development.

Our Partners

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