We are the Pannexin company

Developing life transforming therapies
based on blocking Pannexin 1 channels

Targeting chronic pain,
and other severe diseases

Our focus is to develop life- transforming therapies, based on blocking Pannexin1 channels.

We are the first in transforming this new pharmacological target into a new therapeutic approach for many severe diseases with high unmet medical need.

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Pannexin 1

Panx1 is a new, exciting and validated pharmacological target with applications in many therapeutic areas and diseases like pain, cancer, autism, epilepsy, migraine, inflammation.

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Our team

David Bravo PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Neuroscientist with 10 years of experience in drug discovery and innovation.

Thomas Gerlach PhD

Chief Strategic Officer

Biochemist with over 30 years of experience in global pharma development, sales and venture capital.

Gerhard Gross PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Chemist with 35 years of experience in drug discovery and development - 14 FDA approved drugs